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About Us

Long before the advent of ADA, Access Ability, Inc. was established with a mission to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities. For nearly a quarter century, their focus has been to make buildings and facilities accessible for all people, including persons with various disabilities.
Their vision has been to empower individuals to live independently, and with dignity, in a society that would guarantee full inclusion and acceptance of people with different abilities. Today, Access Ability, Inc. is a leader in the design and management of projects involving the removal of architectural barriers.

While they could boast of thousands of satisfied clients including many Fortune 500 companies, they are most proud of how their work has touched the lives of specific individuals and families.

They are the recipient of multiple national awards as the leading distributor and installer of accessibility lifts and elevators.

Of particular interest to Access Ability are projects which involve schools and facilities for small children, where their work results in the full integration of children with different abilities. Their hope is that for the next generation, acceptance of persons with disabilities would no longer require a federal mandate but naturally emanate from early childhood experiences…
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