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This is a practical and economical solution for people who face mobility problems within their own home but want to maintain a healthy, happy and active lifestyle without having to move. Stairway lifts can allow you access to every part of your home without the wear and tear on ankles, knees and hip joints. They can be installed on straight and curved stairways with landings and turns.
If thereís one place in the world that should be fully accessible, itís your own home. A vertical wheelchair liftís compact design makes it an adaptable access solution between the different levels of your home. It is a cost effective alternative to space consuming ramps. There is a vertical wheelchair lift for virtually every indoor or outdoor application.

The stairway wheelchair lift is the ideal solution for those buildings where it is not practical to install a vertical wheelchair lift or an elevator. Each unit is designed and custom built to fit your staircase configuration and dimensions. It can travel on straight and curved staircases and can carry either a person using a wheelchair or an ambulatory person seated on its fold-down seat. When not in use, the liftís power-fold feature neatly stores the lift up against the wall and out of the stairway.

Portable Patient Lifts have become an absolute necessity in every wing of a hospital, nursing home, assisted living community, or medical center. Patient handling and transfers can and must only be accomplished with the dignity and care of a lift. Institutions can now affordably eliminate employee back injuries caused from lifting a patient. Updated safety programs and guidelines insist on using such equipment in an effort to protect employees and reduce worker’s compensation claims and premiums.


Ceiling lifts are the perfect transfer system for individuals who, despite their physical limitations, wish to maximize their independence and mobility through every activity of daily living. They are an essential tool for medical care centers, and to empower more people to enjoy life without dependence on family or professional caregivers. These lifts are available in a wide variety of standard and custom configurations to suit the transfer needs of individuals in their living environment.
This elevator is ideal for existing homes with very limited interior space. The Mini-Cab elevator is fully self-contained and does not require a pit, machine room or hoistway. The remote call-send controls allow you to send the elevator to the other floor, immediately after each use, giving you full unobstructed use of that floor’s space. It can be easily installed to travel between two levels in an existing home with minimal structural modifications. Despite its small size, the Mini-Cab can accommodate most standard wheelchairs.
This residential elevator is the practical choice for many customers because it is designed for easy installations in existing homes. It has a self contained drive system located within the hoistway which eliminates the need for a separate machine room. It does not need an elevator pit, allowing the elevator to rest on the floor of your home, without the expense and inconvenience of cutting through your home’s foundation. The elevator neatly fits into a closet-sized space and travels between 2 floors.
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