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Home elevators are fast emerging as the next must-have amenity for all new home construction and remodeling projects. They increase the value of your home while providing an easy way to carry groceries, laundry or anything else floor to floor. Our signature series of home elevators are fully customizable. You can have almost anything you desire; from marble walls, to stained glass, to raised wood panels with brass fixtures. These home elevators can become a unique expression of you! The elevator contains an in-car phone, an emergency stop and alarm, a battery back-up system for power failures, and much more. There are hundreds of configurations and finishes that would allow them to blend seamlessly with your home’s décor.
This lift is the most cost effective solution when you need to provide wheelchair access in a commercial or public building. Depending on your design needs and building requirements, you can choose from 4 different models and 3 different drive systems. Our lifts undergo rigorous testing for quality assurance, and fully comply with ADA’s Accessibility Guidelines and ASME A18.1a code. Whether you need to provide wheelchair access over 1-2 steps, or between 2 floors, our vertical platform lifts can fully meet your accessibility needs.

The inclined platform lift is the ideal solution for public buildings where it is not practical to install a vertical platform lift or a costly commercial elevator. Each unit is designed and custom built to fit your staircase. It can travel along curved or straight staircases for a maximum travel of 55’. This unit is made to transport people in a wheelchair or ambulatory people seated on the optional folding seat. When not in use, the lift’s power-fold feature neatly stores the lift, up against the wall and out of the stairway. This unit undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance and complies with the ASME A18.1a code.

(Limited Access Restricted Use Elevators):

This elevator is the cost effective answer for commercial building owners who want full accessibility without the expenses of a commercial elevator system. LARUE™ maximizes space use with its smaller hoistway requirement. Its reduced overhead clearance requirement will allow it to fit into most existing buildings. Since it only requires a 14” pit depth, you can save a bundle on the construction and excavation costs and the headaches associated with traditional commercial elevators. This elevator has been designed and built to comply with the ASME A17.1 code.

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