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Products & Services

Please scroll down and read a brief description of the products and services that we offer. You can click on the product names below, or on the product brands on the left side for additional description and images. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance or to request a free, no-obligation visit by one of our friendly knowledgeable consultants.

We provide full installation, maintenance and service by our own team of full-time, factory-trained and certified professionals. We offer various payment options and a consumers' choice rental plan which is now available on most equipment.

ACCESS® Barrier-Free Design services include home, workplace and facility evaluations, and design consultations for accessibility modifications.

ACCESS® Construction Management services are turnkey management of accessibility projects for homes, churches, and other commercial or public buildings.

ABILITY® Stairway Lifts are economical chair lifts that can carry a person up and down a stairway between the different floors of a building.

ABILITY® Vertical Wheelchair Lifts can transport a person standing, or in a wheelchair, between the different levels of a building.

ABILITY® Stairway Wheelchair Lifts can transport a person in a wheelchair over the existing stairway of a building between floors.

ABILITY® Portable Patient Lifts are used to lift and transfer patients between the different areas and activities within the healthcare facility.

ABILITY® Ceiling Lift Systems offer individuals the ability to move themselves with minimal or no assistance in their living environments.

ABILITY® Mini-Cab Elevators are phone booth type cabs that travel through an opening in the floor, between the two floors of a residence.

ABILITY® Adaptive Elevators use a closet-sized space in an existing building to add an elevator without extensive construction costs.

TUBMATE® Bathlifts use the water pressure in a home to gently lower a person in, and safely lift them out of a tub allowing them to bathe.

TUBMATE® Bathing Systems are walk-in automatic bathtubs that can provide full hygienic cleansing for multiple individuals in an assisted living environment.

TUBMATE® Bath Aids offer the bathing amenities, accessories, and supplies that assist individuals with various abilities.

EASYRIDER® Home Elevators incorporate the latest technology and design elements to create the ultimate in lifestyle and luxury for today’s homes.

EASYRIDER® Vertical Platform Lifts are used in commercial and public buildings to provide vertical wheelchair access per ADA’s Accessibility Guidelines.

EASYRIDER® Inclined Platform lifts facilitate wheelchair access in commercial and public buildings over existing stairways per ADA’s Accessibility Guidelines.

EASYRIDER® LARUE™ Commercial Elevators are cost effective elevators for small commercial and public buildings per LU/LA codes.

We are headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and have several teams dedicated to serving clients in the different regions of PA NJ & DE.

Let us help you regain your independence today!

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